There is hardly an industry which is as diverse as the fashion industry.
Everything seems to be possible, even the impossible.
Regardless whether Retro-Shocker or Wannabe-Avant-Guarde trying to excel each other.
There is simply everything. But really everything?

So far, the scarf matches the jacket, the chain to the shirt.
But how would it be if we could tell stories with our look?

And exactly that is what we are doing in a unique way.

Thus at 2ALLY.ME we tell stories not just somehow, but at 2ALLY.ME stories are only made by joining two
elements (2 ALLY = connect two elements) to real stories. Sometimes obviously and loud, sometimes very subtle and clever.

Additionally even the material of our collections holds a good story:
2ALLY.ME uses only the finest Fairtrade-Fabrics. Further the 2ALLY.ME jewelry is passionately
produced and manufactured by hand.

Your look is heart- and handmade in Berlin.Germany.

Giving oneself and those who see you a creative moment.
The 2ALLY.ME-Moment.